Thank You to Our Donors!

Mothers' Milk Bank

Mission: Our mission at Mothers' Milk Bank is to enhance the availability and use of breast milk for all babies.

Vision: Our vision is for every infant in the world to receive the best possible start in life by breastfeeding or receiving donor human milk.

Mothers's Milk Bank has Over 570,000 ounces distributed in 2013 to infants and children! Mothers’ Milk Bank provides processed donated breast milk to 94 hospitals and we continue to receive orders from more hospitals weekly. 

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First Annual Human Milk Bank Drive

The Coalition would like to thank all of the community groups that donated raffle items, snacks, beverages and time!

On Saturday September 19th, 2015, We hosted our first milk bank drive. We want to thank everyone that joined us and to our Mamas' that donated their precious milk.

We collected over 750 ounces of donor milk!

That is enough human milk to provide first feeds for preterm infants everyday for an entire YEAR!

Thank you to The Mothers' Milk Bank who provided support and was on site to collect the donated milk.